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The Worst Bone to Break

Posted by diskusiperawat on November 24, 2008

I see lots of broken stuff.  Noses, hips, fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, necks: all of which suck in their own unique way.  Still, when it comes to flat-out squirm factor nothing tops the broken penis.

Just getting the story is awkward.  I put up the professional facade, pretend it’s business as usual, but there’s no getting around the uncomfortableness that hangs over the room for both me and this poor unfortunate dood.  ”So the two of you were having intercourse?  And she was on top of you…no…oh ok missionary style.  And you’re saying you came out, missed on the way back in, bumped up against her and felt a pop?”

Gah!  Enough talking, although pulling back the sheet isn’t any better as I see what appears to be a giant eggplant sitting between his legs.  ”Holy bejeezus!!” I think.  ”Well that appears to be a bit swollen doesn’t it?” I say.

There’s no actual penis bone to break, instead an erect penis has a markedly thinned and relatively unelastic tunica albuginea.  With enough force this tears resulting in damage to the underlying corpus cavernosum, aka a penile fracture.  The treatment is a trip to the OR, and off he went to have the underlying blood clot evacuated and tear sewn back together.

Pretty big mood killer, to say the least.

(Cerita diambil dari blog seorang ER Doc)


Hmmm, pengalaman yang aneh (tapi seru), hehehe.

Punya pengalaman anda sendiri?


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