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Posted by diskusiperawat on November 24, 2008

Gotta Keep it Together….


I remember a case from residency that really tried my sense of ethics and my desire to do the right thing. A bad set of traumas came in one early morning (about 5am) after two cars collided on the highway. The one car was comprised of a family on their way to the airport for vacation. Two kids, mom, and dad. The other was comprise of a single drunk young male. The drunk guy crossed into the other car’s lane, causing the family car to lose control and fly off the road. The drunk guy ran into the guardrail. They were all brought to us – the mom had a broken femur, the dad a broken shoulder, the kids – one had a nasty head laceration, stable spinal fracture, and a concussion, the other had broken ribs and facial trauma. The drunk guy had nothing except a big scalp laceration. I got assigned to the Dad and the drunk. As I heard more about the accident, I got more and more angry at the drunk. The family luckily all survived but were badly f**’d up and I knew would have a long and painful recuperation. When I went to try to examine the drunk he became combative and I had to sedate him. The guy was huge as well. After a negative CT I had to suture him up. He remained very difficult to deal with despite tons of Haldol and Ativan and was in 4 point restraints. Finally he was just moaning and by the time I started suturing, the lidocaine had worn off. I was THIIIIIIIIS (my thumb and finger right next to each other) to just sewing him up with no anaesthesia just a punishment for what he had done (the police did not arrest him for some unknown reason). I wound up giving him more lidocaine but I was not in the least bit upset by his screams from it’s injection. He also got a borderline punitive foley. I was also very close to pointing him out to the injured family and leaving them alone with him in the restraints and a blackjack in the Dad’s hand.

What do you think I should have done?

(Article was copied from erstories)


Judul aslinya ‘Gotta Keep It Together”, kami coba sesuaikan agar pengunjung bisa cepat menangkap maksud cerita itu dan bisa membagikan pengalaman atau tips ketika berhadapan dengan pasien seperti di kasus diatas.

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