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This is Why ER Nurses Get Burn Out

Posted by diskusiperawat on November 23, 2008

I had a patient recently that we see about three or four times a month for migraines. She’s a drug seeker and everyone knows it. She’s been fired from several doctors in town, even Dr. Feelgood – and if you get fired from him you know it’s bad.

I was feeling irritated already because her husband had been out to the desk several times in the 14 minutes she had been in the room wanting to know when she was going to get pain meds. I mean, c’mon you have had 37 ER visits this year alone, you know the drill – you have to be seen by the Dr. first. After the doctor saw her he ordered a shot of Dilaudid and Vistaril. I went in to give it and she informed me she didn’t want a shot, she had told the Dr. that it only works if she get’s it IV. Instead of wasting time going round and round with her I left and told the Dr. to go hash it out with her, if he is going to order narcotics for a patient who has had multiple documentations of drug-seeking behavior then I refuse to do his dirty work for him. To his credit he told her one pain shot, no IV and then out the door and that was all he was giving her and if she didn’t want that he would discharge her home right now. She decided to get the pain shot so I went in to give it to her and when I got in the room she was telling her husband to go to administration and complain so she could get a free visit “like last time.”


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a known drug seeker who has been fired from multiple practices for violating her pain contracts who has been documented to be a frequent visitor to all the ER’s in town who went crying to administration for not being given her narcotic fix and instead of the spineless assholes telling her to never darken the doors of our hospital again they GAVE HER A FREE VISIT!!!!!!!!

(article was copied from ernursey’s blog)


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